Prospective Students
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  • Examination Regulations

The college charges the following fees which are subject to review at the ortest possible notice .

  • Tuition Fee
  • Hostel Fee
  • Student Union Fee
  • Examination Fee
  • Project Fee

The college provides Hostel accommodation to students requiring this. Preference is, however, given first to those from outside Lagos State and who may have no other place or relatives to leave with within Lagos.


Students make their own private personal feeding arrangements.


Owing to the scarcity of books and texts in the country, lecturers in the college make available to students lecture-notes of their various courses. Students are therefore, advised to provide sufficiently for themselves to enable them pay for course materials.


  1. Collect teller from the Bursary and pay all necessary fees into the bank
  2. Having paid, collect clearance from Bursary and collect Registration formes) from the Registry
  3. Complete the registration forms using your student's handbook with the assistance of the Course Adviser or H.O.D;
  4. See the HOD with photocopies of your receipts for signing of registration forms before returning; the originals to the Registry and copies to your H.O.D. and Degree Office, for your files.



In addition to the regular lecture halls for the full-time N.C.E. Programme, the Prefab Block Provides two additional lecture rooms for the N. C. E Part-Time Programme.

Prefab Block provides an assembly hall auditorium for major occasions such as matriculation and graduation ceremonies as well as examina­tion hall.


Students and staff have opportunities to benefit from the services of these units, which have resource materials and equipment that could be borrowed by both staff and students.The resource center has tables and chairs for staff and students to use while producing their instructional materials. The center is also in a position to conduct work­shops on how to produce and use instructional materials in the teaching learning process. It also provides micro-teaching services.


Parking spaces are provided for students at the hostel premises. Please note that students are not allowed tg park at the Administrative Premises.


This is one of the services provided to alleviate the problems formally encountered by staff and students who were going out of the college premises in search of where to photocopy their documents. The college charges are subsidized.


There is a chapel attached to the college where students especially Catholics attend mass daily.

A large common-room is provided at the hostel where students and their visitors watch television, play indoor games such as Ludo, Chess, etc. There are also equipment for Table Tennis and foot-ball, although the football is played on St. Finbar's College play ground because the college does not have space for a football field.

Admission Procedure


  1. Collect your Admission letter along with the acceptance form from th Assistant Registrar's Office.
  2. Submit the acceptance form along with photocopies of all your creder tials e.g. JAMB admission letter, Birth Certificate or Declarationof age ani School Certificate/GCE result to the Assistant Registrar's office.
  3. Collect Teller from Bursary after due clearance to pay, and pay all necessary fees into the bank.
  4. Go'to the Assistant Registrar for your registration forms and Person, Data form.
  5. Complete the registration forms with the assistance of the Head of DepartmenU Course Adviser.
  6. Take the completed registration forms to the Assistant Registrar's officE with the following attached.
    (i)    Receipt of all the fees paid,
    (ii) Already completed Students Personal Data Form.


  1. All candidates shall register for college examination by completing appropriate form to be signed by Course Lecturer, HOD(S), Bursar and Registrar.
  2. To qualify for examination a candidate must have fulfilled College, school and departmental requirements including 75% attendance at lectures in respect of the course(s) to be examined.
  3. Knowledge of examination date(s) time(s) and place(s) shall be the responsibilities of candidates, which could be got from the Notice Board.
  4. A candidate shall arrive at the examination hall and be seated at least 30 minutes before the advertised time on the time table.
  5. Candidates shall not be allowed into examination hall after 30 minutes of Commencement of examination without authentic reason.
  6. Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall only under the continuos supervision of an invigilator(s).
  7. Candidates shall not be allowed to leave the examination hall in the last 15 minutes of the examination.
  8. It is compulsory for candidates to display their identity card on the desk
  9. Candidates must ensure that they sign in and out of examination Halls.
  10. Answer scripts must be handed over to the invigilator before signing out of the examination hall.
  11. Candidates shall not give or receive any form of assistance from any source during the examination.
  12. The use of scrap paper is not permitted. All work must be done on the answer booklets provided by the invigilators.
  13. Handbags, briefcases and unauthorized calculators are prohibited from the Examination Hall.
  14. Any candidate who violates any of the regulations and those issued from time to time shall be deemed to have displayed indiscipline. Such candidate shall be treated as appropriate.
  15. Candidates are advised to appear in simple dresses to avoid embarrassment.
  16. Invigilators are authorized to search candidates before entering the hall and whenever need arises.
  17. Candidates must bring to the examination hall their writing materials and any materials which may be permitted by these regulations, but they are not allowed to bring any paper or books.
  18. Silence must be observed in the examination hall. The only permissible way of attracting the attention of the invigilators is by raising of hands.
  19. Candidates are not allowed to smoke in the examination hall.
  20. Candidates are advised in their own interest to write legibly and to avoid using ballpoint pen. Answer must be written in English Language except as other wise instructed.
  21. Before handing in their scripts at the examination candidates, must satisfy themselves that they have inserted at the appropriate place; their examination numbers and the numbers of questions they answered.
  22. Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall only with the question paper, and any materials they may have brought with them. Candidates are not allowed to remove or mutilate any paper and material supplied by the college.
  23. Candidates suspected of any form of exam malpractice are expected to sign the necessary forms. Any attempt to refuse cooperation in this regard will be dealt with appropriately.