The college charges the following fees which are subject to review at the ortest possible notice.

  • Tuition Fee
  • Hostel Fee
  • Student Union Fee
  • Examination Fee
  • Project Fee

    The college provides Hostel accommodation to students requiring this. Preference is, however, given first to those from outside Lagos State and who may have no other place or relatives to leave with within Lagos.


    Students make their own private personal feeding arrangements.


    Owing to the scarcity of books and texts in the country, lecturers in the college make available to students lecture-notes of their various courses. Students are therefore, advised to provide sufficiently for themselves to enable them pay for course materials.

    Admission into the programme, matriculation of students , lectures examinations, graduation and certification are carried out under the auspices of the University of Ibadan.The programme has since produced two sets of graduates.


  • Collect Teller From The Bursary And Pay All Necessary Fees Into The Bank

  • Having Paid, Collect Clearance From Bursary And Collect Registration Formes) From The Registry

  • Complete The Registration Forms Using Your Student's Handbook With The Assistance Of The Course Adviser Or H.O.D;

  • See The HOD With Photocopies Of Your Receipts For Signing Of Registration Forms Before Returning; The Originals To The Registry And Copies To Your H.O.D. And Degree Office, For Your Files.


    There is a student Union body organized at both Full-Time and Part-Time levels in the college. Every student is automatically a member of this Union, when he/she registers on admission.
    This body is-responsible for the general welfare of the entire students and co-operates with the college through the Student Affairs Officers to see that students' needs are generally and fairly met.

    The Union Officers comprise the President, Vice - President, General Secretary and the Assistant, Financial Secretary, Publicity/Social Secretary, public Relations Officer and the Provost. There is also student Librarian amongst the officers who works hand in hand with the college Librarian The College cherishes and upholds dearly a democratic participation of each and every member in the government of college. Hence any student is free always to negotiate for his/her rights on the platform of the student union Body


    The guidance and counselling unit of the college was set up to help students cope with personal, academic, career, social spiritual and study problems which may be a hindrance to realizing their educational goals. To meet these needs the units offers to all students and staff a variety of service with the ultimate goal of resolving their individual problems.

    The activities of the counselling unit are co-ordinated by professional Guidance Consellors who are alwyas at the service of students and staff with utmost confidentiality. Cases, which cannot be handled, are always referred to the appropriate quarters. Student are given the opportunity to share and discuss related problems.